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We proudly serve the beautiful city of Miami since 1982. We deliver as far north as Broward county and Palm Beach county to the beautiful Florida Keys.

We have been in business since 1982 providing quality service. We do not advertise because we firmly believe that a recommendation from a satisfied customer is more appreciated and goes much further that any advertising we could come up with.

We value our clients and try to establish a solid relationship with each and every one of them. That is the main reason our company has strived over the years with great satisfaction of long lasting commitment to our loyal customers. We hope we can be of service to your firm and look forward to a heartwarming and lasting business adventure.


Our installation department does a thorough walkthrough prior to placing our water systems. Connection from your water source to the water cooler is done by our special technical team.

You do not need to request a plumber or hire outside sources.
(Please inquire for free installation)


Competent, knowledgeable personnel is available to handle equipment installation.

We offer routine maintenance for the water coolers as well as service calls, providing peace of mind and assurance to your office manager that their staff is well taken care of.


“Because water is the primary ingredient in coffee and tea, It is essential that these products start with high-quality water. Neglecting water quality can lead to financial and environmental implications for a business.” – 2011 Water quality products mag.

That is why we strive to provide filtered water to our American and Cappuccino equipment maintaining their high quality standards in terms of providing our clients with a safe and clean cup of coffee. We use commercial filters which dissolve the mineral buildup in the water that comes from tap. The use of filters in the equipment not only helps dissolve calcium and magnesium buildup but will prevent a bitter beverage taste and will also prevent lime scale which can damage heating elements and sensors that can cause clogging in the equipment. Everpure is a leading company in the filter industry which has helped show baristas and chefs how using premium water helps capture the desired taste and aroma of coffee and espresso beverages. selected for a three-year term as the Word’s Barista Championship’s official Water sponsor “Everpure” remains the highest quality manufacturer of commercial filtration. You can rest assure that our company provides only the best in water for both our water coolers and filters for our coffee equipment.